Volleyball as a Subculture

The Individuality wealth diverse subcultures has given so much to society already. Subcultures such as volleyball have been given a chance to grow in our society and spread to other cultures connecting nations across the globe. It takes time for a subculture to be accepted by our society today. Once it is accepted, membership in […]

The Mob subculture

Almost everything our law enforcement knows now of organized crime is due to the mob. IV. So the next time you see a dangerous cartel boss put behind bars, you should thank the La Coos Nostril meaning “our thing’ in Italian and the Italian name for the American Mafia. [An enterprise going 200 years strong […]

The Basketball Subculture

Blastula Introduction In this analysis I will cover the different aspects of sport subculture and what it means to be a recognizable member within a group. I will give examples of what it means to be a part of such subcultures. For example, shared ways of dressing, group status and credibility, as well as some […]

Teen Subcultures & Management

Reflecting on teen subcultures allows for the opportunity to discuss the potential impact teen subcultures have on valuing diversity, how they bond diverse people together and help them understand one another, and discover how they can also result In the formation of cliques and foster stereotypes. By discussing these developmental, teenaged experiences; long-term, adult social […]


The paper uses a study of sociology textbooks to establish a clearer meaning for the two terms, and also shows the contradictions, conflicts, and quandaries that various examples of subcultures and countercultures create. The paper attempts to resolve some of those conflicts by adding an additional criterion for evaluating subcultures and countercultures. Finally, the concept […]


In continuing values and norms of society. We know that people are different each other and our society also offers lots of opportunities for people to be creative. These creative people become a cultural subgroup outside the core of the dominant culture and they are called a subculture. A subculture is a group of people […]


The beginnings of subculture theory involved various theorists associated with what became known as the Chicago School. Subcultures theory emerged from the work of the Chicago School on gangs and developed through the symbolic interactions school into a set of theories arguing that certain groups or subcultures in society have values and attitudes that are […]

Subculture: Greasers

Greasers originated In the early sass’s Increasingly popular toward the 1 ass’s. They originated in the young northeaster and southern united states street gangs and changed rapidly unto other type of individuals. Initially it arose from working class families that didn’t have access to the greatest educational resources. They existed before gangs were dependent on […]

Subculture: Brazil vs. America

The culture I grew into since birth was the Brazilian culture. Soon the world I knew quickly changed when I relocated to the united States at age five, I then fell into the subculture of Brazilian-American. Which Initially seemed Like a drastic change but I am quick on social development so It did not take […]


Subculture Analysis: Nippon-Brazilian According to BEIGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics there are approximately 1. 4 million people descendent of Japanese living In Brazil. One of the largest concentration of Japanese immigrants these days are located in Barrio dad Illiberal, SAA Paulo, Even though a couple hundred Japanese started to immigrate to Brazil […]